About iluslifexxo

Welcome new readers!
I am slowly learning the way that this blogspot works.
I have been in this community for a while through other accounts that I still use, but they are more personal. I made this new account when I decided to finally start posting youtube videos as a hobby. If you'd like you can check out my youtube channel here. I have always loved being creative and showing others what I have learned and what I can now do. The origin of my youtube and blog name comes from just me reading creative titles from other blogs and wanting to have something unique and meaningful. Ilus means beautiful in estonian according to the google translator and together you have beautiful life. I wanted to have a title that was a different language and that the letters formed a pretty word (idk I'm weird that way). So that's how iluslife was formed, the xxo was put there because I had an account already with just iluslife that I abondened and I still wanted to keep that name so I added the xxo. 
Alright so continuing some posts will be a bit personal, some will just do with what I have put up on youtube, and others will just be random things I like to talk about or thoughts I'm having that day. So through this journey I hope you all like the process of how I grow through here and in my personality. I love meeting new people so if you'd like to chat feel free to email me here I will try to respond as soon as possible. So with this said I will leave you all to wonder through my blog and slowly get to know me.